Where to Repair? (3 Reasons Not to Use a Quick Lube)


Where to Repair? (3 Reasons Not to Use a Quick Lube)

Where’s the best place to take your vehicle for service? We may be a bit biased, but here are three advantages we offer over the corner garage or quick lube location:

1. Trained technicians

One of the biggest advantages of using our service department is our factory-trained technicians, all of whom have undergone training that is specific to the factory models. While the neighborhood garage may only work on your particular make and model once every year, we work on the entire range of models every day.

Our factory-trained technicians are required to attend classes to receive certification and recertification as technology changes on the most recent models. Since a 2000 model is very different from a 2018 model, the technicians must keep up to date. (Have you seen the new infotainment features in our cars?-that’s a lot of technology to keep up with!)

Certification classes consist of classroom and application training. These can take days to complete and require the technician to pass a rigorous test in order to be certified.

A certified technician is more likely to notice an early symptom of a future problem with a specific car than someone who rarely works on that make and model. Some vehicles develop model-specific issues that a trained technician will recognize immediately and be able to diagnose faster than someone who is unfamiliar with the vehicle.

2. Warranty

The warranty on your vehicle requires that you maintain it as recommended by the factory or risk losing your protection. When the dealership carries out the servicing, the technician and service writer are able to record it into your vehicle’s database and thereby update your service records with the factory.

If the factory recommends that you replace a timing belt at 75,000 miles and you fail to do so, you may have trouble filing a warranty claim if it breaks at 90,000 miles and causes engine damage. If you have it replaced anywhere other than the dealership, you may run into trouble filing a warranty claim on a major repair. You may need to supply proof of replacement or other documentation to get your claim processed. Even then, there is no guarantee the claim will be paid.

The best way to keep your warranty intact is to have a factory-authorized dealership to perform all your services. Additionally, we can fix your vehicle for little or no cost if the problem is covered by the warranty.

3. Recalls
In addition to their familiarity with any small quirks your vehicle may have, trained technicians and service writers are well advised of any recalls or service bulletins regarding your car. Some of these service bulletins and recalls are for minor issues, such as replacement bulbs or other small items that can be changed in no time. However, there are other service bulletins and recalls that can relate to safety issues.

The factory will notify vehicle owners about any recall. Do not confuse a legitimate factory recall with a fake recall notice that some businesses send out trying to sell you an extended warranty. Any legitimate recall you receive from the factory should be followed up with a prompt visit to the dealership, since recalls usually concern important issues.

The purchase of your vehicle was a major monetary investment. Protect it and your vehicle by trusting its care and maintenance to our technicians. If you have questions about your vehicle or need to schedule service, please give us a call at (866) 822-9314 or click here.

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