The Best Way to Increase Your Gas Mileage


The Best Way to Increase Your Gas Mileage

I love spending time at the gas pump… said no one, ever. This tip will save you money, help the environment, and also cut down on your visits to the gas station.

If you’d like to see consistent improvement in gas mileage, I’ve found that the place to start is where the rubber meets the road: your tires. Keeping them properly inflated means your vehicle has more grip on the pavement, and because of that, the engine doesn’t have to work as hard (use as much fuel) to move forward.

You’ll find the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure for your car on a sticker on the driver’s door jamb or in your owner’s manual.

Also, keep in mind that changes in outside temperature affect your tires. A good estimate is that for every change of 10°F, tire pressure will adjust by 1 psi. For example, if the outside air temperature increases by 10°, tire pressure will increase by 1 psi, and if the air temperature falls 10°, tire pressure will decrease by 1 psi.

It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly, not only to improve gas mileage, but also for improved safety and handling of your vehicle.

Here are a few additional tips to increase your mileage:

Keep your car properly tuned, and see gas mileage improve by an average of 4 percent.

Replace dirty or clogged air filters on older vehicles, and see gas mileage improve by as much as 14 percent.

Replace dirty spark plugs, which can reduce mileage by 2 mpg.

Change oil regularly, and gain another 1 mpg.

Check the gas cap. Damaged, loose, or missing caps let gas evaporate.

Observe the speed limit. Gas mileage decreases rapidly above 60 mph.

Avoid excessive idling. Idling gets 0 mpg. Warming up the vehicle for one or two minutes is sufficient.

Avoid quick starts and stops. Aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent in the city.

Consolidate trips. Several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much gas as one longer multi-purpose trip.

Don’t haul unneeded items in the trunk. An extra 100 pounds in the trunk reduces fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent.

Have a question about your tires or your vehicle’s maintenance? Please give us a call at (866) 822-9314 or to schedule a service appointment, please click here

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