Why You Should Never Leave Your Garage Without Duct Tape in Your Car

Why You Should Never Leave Your Garage Without Duct Tape in Your Car

Astronauts won’t leave earth without duct tape (it saved three astronauts aboard Apollo 13). And here’s why you shouldn’t leave your garage without it.

1. Emergency Fix
Remember “Houston, we’ve had a problem”? You probably won’t need to make an emergency CO2 scrubber in space, but duct tape is great for automotive emergencies. Is your side mirror dangling after going through the car wash? Duct tape it back in place. Did you get rear-ended, and your bumper is dragging? Duct tape is a great “holder-upper.” Smashed taillight? Duct tape can keep the pieces together.

2. Lint Brush
Have you ever been about to get out of your car and then noticed you had pet hair all over your black pants? Duct tape substitutes nicely for a lint roller.

3. First Aid
Duct tape can be used to make bandages, slings, and splints that will suffice until you can get proper medical care. If you use it as a bandage, you might cover the wound first with a piece of a paper towel or tissue and then apply the duct tape.

4. Radiator Hose Repair
A hole in your radiator hose will result in coolant gushing from the cooling system, which will cause the engine to quickly overheat. Once the system has completely cooled off, duct tape can be a perfect temporary patch so that you aren’t stranded on the side of the road.

5. MacGyver Options
You can use duct tape to cover a blister, waterproof shoes, identify your luggage, or to make a cup, a cup holder, or even a stretcher!

Some people claim that if you can’t fix the problem with duct tape, you’re just not using enough. Bottom line: don’t leave home without duct tape in your vehicle.

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