Your Garage is a Bigger Risk than You Think

garage-fire-b (1)

Your Garage is a Bigger Risk than You Think

Fires originating in residential garages tend to be larger and spread farther than fires that start in other areas of a residence.

Detection of a fire in a garage takes longer due to the absence of smoke alarms which gives a fire time to grow larger and ultimately cause more damage. Even more challenging is the fact that the garage usually contains fuel sources such as flammable liquids, paint, various chemicals, ammunition, newspapers and stored items.

As a side note, smoke alarms should generally not be installed in garages because garages are not temperature controlled and alarms are not designed to work in extreme hot or cold. Additionally, vehicle exhaust fumes will cause nuisance alarms and may lead to degradation in smoke alarm performance.

The leading cause of fires is an electrical malfunction. This may be due to shorts in wires, damaged wires, and overloading electrical outlets.

Keep your home safe by following a few easy tips.
– Store oil, gasoline, paints, propane, and varnishes in a shed away from your home.
– Keep items that can burn on shelves away from appliances that produce heat.
– Plug only one charging appliance into an outlet.
– Don’t use an extension cord when charging an appliance.
– Avoid using carpets or rugs on the garage floor.
– Remove excess clutter and trash. (Trash is the first item to catch fire in about 8 percent of the garage blazes.)
– Install a heat alarm (rather than a smoke alarm) that will sound when it detects dangerously high temperatures. Make sure the alarm is interconnected with the rest of the alarms in your home.

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