We’ve Been Carrying Car Seats All Wrong

We’ve Been Carrying Car Seats All Wrong

Carrying a car seat can be stressful on your back, shoulders, and arms. And during this time of year when you may also be toting around extra packages and items, the stress gets even worse.

Luckily, Emily Puente, DC, CACCP, of Bridge Family Chiropractic, created a viral video that easily shows you how to eliminate that ache and awkward stride that comes with lugging around a bulky car seat. Here’s a quick summary from the video above:

1. Turn the car seat, so your baby is facing you
2. Loop your arm that’s directly next to the car seat through the handle, so the handle rests on the inside of your elbow
3. Twist your hand, so it’s facing away from your body, and use it to support the car seat underneath the handle

Share this with someone you know that has an infant, and you’ll make their day a little less stressful.

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