Hey, Parents! Car SEAt Guidelines Just Changed


Hey, Parents! Car Seat Guidelines Just Changed

The American Academy of Pediatrics previously recommended that children use a rear-facing car seat until they are two years old. The age limit has now been removed, and pediatricians suggest that “children should ride in a rear-facing car safety seat as long as possible, up to the limits of their car safety seat.”

This change means that virtually all children under two years of age and most children up to age four will be in a rear-facing seat.

Using the right car seat is important because it can help decrease the risk of serious injury by over 70%.

According to the AAP, when children ride rear-facing, the most vulnerable parts of their body (their head, neck, and spine) are supported by the car seat, so the seat absorbs most of the force from a crash. Children who ride forward-facing don’t have that head support and may be thrown forward, which can result in spine and head injuries if the child is turned around too early.

Please help spread the word and share this story with the parents of young children.

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