3 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean from Pet Hair


3 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean from Pet Hair

Dogs love car rides, but there isn’t much to love about the hair they leave behind. Here are three easy ways to minimize the hassle of cleaning up dog hair:

Car Seat Covers
This is our top pick. When selecting a cover, look for one that will secure to your seats easily, is machine washable, and, most important, is the same color as your dog.

Lint Roller
Keeping a lint roller in your car is a great way to save yourself from walking into an important meeting looking like your furry friend. It can also help to quickly remove hair from a passenger’s seat if you are picking someone up.

Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover
Yes, it is ugly, and yes, it really works – see pictures below. This is a handy tool that you can find on Amazon for about $13. It functions kind of like a pumice stone and pulls the embedded hair out of your carpeting and seats. You do need to be careful when you use it, as it will scratch plastic and damage fabric if you scrape too hard.


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