This Hidden Car Danger Could Change Your Life


If you drive with a passenger in the car, or if you know teen drivers who may be coming home for the holidays from college, here’s an important story you shouldn’t miss:

One evening Bethany Benson, a college student with a bright future, was on her way home from visiting her aunt. Her boyfriend was driving, so Bethany did what many passengers are known to do: she reclined her seat, put her feet on the dash, and decided to relax and take a quick nap.

Unfortunately, it was a decision that would forever change Bethany’s life.

A car and a motorcycle collided further ahead of them, causing a chain reaction. The transport truck immediately ahead of them slammed on his breaks to avoid the accident. Bethany’s boyfriend didn’t react in time to avoid the truck, and their car slammed into the back of it.

In a front collision, your airbag is supposed to deploy – which is exactly what Bethany’s airbag did.

Both Bethany and her boyfriend survived the accident, but because of the way she was sitting, Bethany sustained permanent injuries. The impact of the airbag forced Bethany’s knees into her face, causing multiple injuries and brain damage. Her feet were so compressed that they are now two sizes smaller than before the accident.

Bethany has become a huge advocate for seatbelt and airbag safety. She is adamant about getting the message out about the danger of putting your feet up on the dashboard. Her hope is that her story can help spare others the pain of making this simple mistake.

At this time of the year, when people are traveling or even just getting stuck in highway traffic jams, please remember to stay safe by keeping your feet off the dash.

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