5 Simple DIY Tricks for Fixing a Garage Door

Fixing a garage door is kind of an “either-or” project. Either you can fix it in almost no time, or you should call in a pro. This video looks at five garage door issues that you can fix yourself.

Start with the obvious. If the remote doesn’t work, check the wall-mounted switch. If that operates the door, then it’s probably just a battery issue.

Check the door for dents and dings. Accidentally bumping the door with your car or a bicycle can knock the door off the track.

Check the sensor at the bottom of the door. If it is out of alignment with the sensor on the other side of the door, or even if it’s dusty, the door may not work. Seat the sensor on the bracket and wipe off the dust.

Inspect brackets. They can wiggle loose over time and are easy to retighten.

Finally, check to see if the cord has been released. If it has, simply pull it to re-engage it and get everything back on track.

While a DIY solution to fixing a garage door can take just a few minutes, bigger problems typically require a specialist.

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