Tailgating Tips


7 New Tailgating Tips

As football season gets underway, it’s also time to kick off another season of tailgating. Here are some fresh tips to help you get the most out of your tailgating adventure:

1. Cool beverages quickly using an ice bath.
Chilling any item fast is all about maximizing its exposure to the cold, so rather than using just ice, use ice and water to cover the enter surface area of a drink. Adding salt to the mixture also lowers the freezing point of water, allowing the temperature to drop below 0°C to provide even faster cooling.

2. Prefreeze your water.
Put water bottles in the freezer the night before (and remember to leave room in the bottles for the frozen water to expand). Throw the frozen bottles in your cooler to act as ice packs during the morning, and then enjoy ice-cold water once they melt by afternoon.

3. Be magnetic.
Surfaces are scarce when tailgating. Attach magnets to your koozies so you can attach them to the car when you need two hands for grilling.

4. Keep it clean.
Create a convenient hand-washing station by filling an empty industrial-size laundry detergent container with water. As a bonus, hang a paper towel roll from the poles of your tent with bungee cords so you can dry your hands.

5. Don’t invite mosquitoes.
Throw some sage or rosemary on the charcoal to act as a natural mosquito repellent and also to add aroma.

6. Foiled again.
A restaurant-supply house is a great source for disposable foil pans, indispensable for transporting and reheating foods brought from home. And while you’re there, pick up some beverage and take-out containers-handy for packing leftovers-along with plastic cutlery and sturdy garbage bags.

7. X marks the spot.
Tie distinct balloons or flags to your car or tent so it’s easy for friends to find the right parking spot or “red truck.”

Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate tailgating tip – why not arrive in a new Ridgeline from Honda Oakland – please call us at (866) 822-9314 to schedule a test drive.

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