Is Your Tire Sensor Playing a Trick on You?


Is Your Tire Sensor Playing a Trick on You?

Has this ever happened to you? You pull out of the garage in the morning and are driving down the road, when all of a sudden your low-tire-pressure indicator light (cross section of a tire with an exclamation point) comes on. Then you drive a while longer and it goes off. So what’s going on, and do you have a problem?

The tire-pressure-indicator light comes on when tire pressure is between 18 percent and 25 percent below its recommended cold inflation value (depending on the model and tire combination) that is noted on the driver-side door jamb.

You might think of this light as the “low-fuel indicator” for your tires.

Here’s a typical scenario of what can cause the light to come on: You leave your garage, where it’s warm, and start driving down the road, where the outside temperature is very cold. As tire temperature plummets, tire pressure decreases, causing the indicator light to turn on. As you drive and your tires heat up, tire pressure increases, and the light goes off.

In cold weather, this may happen frequently. But if the light stays on permanently or if it goes off and there hasn’t been a big temperature change in your tires, they should be checked for a problem.

If you have questions about your tires or need to schedule a service appointment, please give us a call at (866) 822-9314.

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