How to Use HondaLink’s Find My Car Feature

How to Use HondaLink’s Find My Car Feature

Stay connected with your vehicle, no matter where you are. Get customized convenience and connectivity at your fingertips with the easy-to-use HondaLink app that you can download from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

The video above shows how it can help you find your car in a giant parking lot, or multi-level parking garage.

Here are a few of the additional features that HondaLink offers:

Remote Start
Arrive at your vehicle with the engine warmed up and the interior set to a comfortable temperature.

Security Alarm Alert
Receive timely alerts when your vehicle alarm is triggered.

Stolen Vehicle Locator
Help find your stolen vehicle. The system uses sophisticated technology to assist the authorities with finding your Honda.

Remote Lock and Unlock
Whether you’re locked out or forgot to lock up, count on quick, keyless entry and remote assurance from almost anywhere.

Geofence Alert
Keep tabs on your vehicle’s location with alerts that notify you when it enters or leaves a designated area.

Speed Alert
Receive alerts when your vehicle exceeds a speed limit you set ahead of time.

Destination by Voice
Set a destination with your voice and get directions sent to your vehicle.

To see if HondaLink is compatible with your Honda model, visit or stop in today for a demonstration of the many exciting features available on today’s new Hondas. We’re also just a phone call away at (866) 300-4805.


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