The Top 10 Emergency Items You Need in Your Car


Checklist: The Top 10 Emergency Items You Need in Your Car
“Today is the day I’m going to get stranded on the road,” said no one, ever. Be prepared with this quick list of items that can make a bad situation a little easier.

1.) Jumper cables along with info on how to use them

2.) A fully charged cell phone. Even if you don’t think you have reception in your area, the phone company may be able to locate you by triangulating your position with cell towers.

3.) A first-aid kit. Check occasionally to make sure items such as ointments aren’t expired.

4.) A map for the area you will be traveling in. This may seem archaic, but when your cell phone dies, an old-fashioned map may come in handy.

5.) A flashlight with extra batteries. Don’t depend on your phone’s flashlight as that feature can really drain your battery.

6.) Duct tape. Duct tape is used for everything from prom dresses to saving the lives of astronauts in space, and it is also handy for some emergency roadside fixes such as holding up a bumper or keeping a hood closed.

7.) Bottled water and protein bars. Most people can only go two to three days without water. You can survive a lot longer without food than you can without water, but I hate to even skip lunch, so keeping a few protein bars in your car is a good idea.

8.) Emergency blanket or towel. You can buy survival blankets for about $1. They are a compact, lightweight, waterproof blanket that can be used for heat deflection, as a wind and rain barrier, for body heat insulation, or as a rescue signal.

9.) A handy, all-purpose tool set. Nothing too elaborate. You’ll need the basics. If you toss in a tire pressure gauge and spare fuses, you’ll be even better off.

10.) A small fire extinguisher. It’s not often that you need one, but it could make the difference between having one burnt hose or a charbroiled car.

And a bonus item…

11.) Roadside flares

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