The Honda Owner Workshop?



What you might not know, is that quarterly we have Honda Owner Workshop here at Honda Oakland.

It’s a fun couple of hours where you get to ask our Parts and Service Director, Technicians and Product Specialist all of those questions you might not have the answer to regarding your vehicle.

Forgotten how your phone was paired, some of the features of your Navigation, to set the Radio channels or any other aspect of the technology features your vehicle has? This is the place to get that one on one interaction and get you up to speed. You’ll be a pro at it in just a few minutes.

We give you the up close and personal regarding vehicle maintenance, how various wearable parts interact and how you extend their life with simple maintenance. You will leave with all of the why’s and where’s answered so that moving forward you have a clear understanding of the proper maintenance of your Honda so that the relationship with your Honda can last for years.

Plus we have the best snacks and prizes! So you don’t want to miss that either.

If you would like to be notified of our next event, just forward your email address to and we’ll add you to our invitation list.

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