A Critical Contact Your Phone is Missing



Have you memorized your license plate number? How about your VIN number? Or the phone number to roadside assistance or your insurance agent’s name and number? There are a variety of situations when you might need these critical bits of info and not have access to them. Here’s the easy solution…

These days almost no one leaves home without their phone, so since it is always handy, why not add your car as a phone contact? For privacy reasons, rather than listing your car as MyCar, list it as Mr. Sedan or something similar. There are usually options within the contact fields for notes and extra fields so you can add the info you want.

Then with just a couple of taps on your phone, you’ll have the info you need when…

– you’re locked out of your vehicle and can’t read the VIN number through the windshield or can’t get to the owner’s manual that might have the roadside assistance number.

– you’re shopping at Target and you hear an announcement asking for the owner of a silver sedan with a specific license plate number to come to customer service

– you urgently need to call your insurance agent but don’t remember their name

This tip might be especially helpful to new drivers, so please share it with those you know.

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