The Important Stuff!

Washing and Detailing Your Car

We all know that taking care of your vehicular investment is a smart move. A well maintained vehicle will always bring more on the open market when you sell it. And, as a quirky southern Aunt of mine used to say, ‘A Clean Car Just Drives Better’.

Maybe your lucky enough to have a great car wash locally that offers detailing services. If so, you may also know that the cost is pricey! Besides, if you’re like me, the car wash never does it the way I want it and I hate finding that I’ve spent good money for a less than perfect job. In looking for a great reference video on detailing, I ran across this two part series. Granted, it isn’t a Honda, but it’s good information. Its about 25¬†minutes long for both parts and covers all of the basics. Hope you enjoy it.

Origin: TheSmokingTire/Youtube


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